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Release v0.7.5

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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ EXTERNAL_PROTOCOL="srbminer"
# Version if provided
# Miner executable binary
Dataset creation for 'autolykos2' algorithm faster
Small improvements on 'autolykos2' algorithm & lower power consumption on Windows OS
Small improvements on 'ethash' algorithm
Small improvements on 'etchash' algorithm
--gpu-tweak-profile and --gpu-boost should now work with latest AMD drivers
Added parameter '--gpu-buffer-mode', can be used with ZIL dual mining (check HelpOtherDual-mining-ZIL.txt)
Added '--gpu-ethash-mode 3' for older cards, no DAG is created on Ethash, Etchash (use it if you feel really lucky)
Changed the way how 'ignored jobs' are displayed. If you want to see 'ignored job' messages, you need to enable extended logging
More bug fixes with ZIL 'dual' mining
Minor bug fixes
Fixed hashrate for 'autolykos2' algorithm on RDNA and RDNA2 GPU's that broke on previous version (0.7.4)
Fixed 'autolykos2' algorithm for Tonga, Fiji and Hawaii GPU's that broke on previous version (0.7.4)
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