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Release v0.6.3

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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ EXTERNAL_PROTOCOL="srbminer"
# Version if provided
# Miner executable binary
Added algorithm 'balloon_zentoshi' (Zentoshi coin) for CPU mining, fee 0.85%
'cryptonight_xhv' kernel small changes, pool side hashrate should be a little higher
Auto setup for 'cryptonight_xhv' algorithm is a little more agressive now (if you experience some issues, use --gpu-auto-intensity 1 for lighter settings)
Removed parameter '--gpu-worksize'
Added algorithm 'phi5' for GPU mining, fee 0.85%
Added algorithm 'yespowertide' (Tidecoin) for CPU mining, fee 0.85%
Fixed 'cryptonight_xhv', now it works on coins other than Haven
Performance increase on 'phi5' algorithm on CPU
Bug fixes
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