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Release v0.8.3

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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ EXTERNAL_PROTOCOL="srbminer"
# Version if provided
# Miner executable binary
Added possibility to preload dataset/s on 'autolykos2' algorithm with '--gpu-autolykos2-preload' parameter (even on 4Gb cards!)
Little faster dataset creation on some GPU's
Job notifications are now displayed in console less frequently, unless extended log is enabled
Reverted 'autolykos2' kernels for hawaii, tonga and fiji to the ones from ver. 0.7.3
Bug fixes in algorithm switching mode ('--multi-algorithm-job-mode 3')
Performance increase on 'heavyhash' algorithm for GPU's (up to ~20% on some cards)
Fixed issue with recognising some GPU's on newer drivers (broken since v0.8.1)
Reworked hashrate reporting/stats - now reporting average for 1 min / 1 hr / 6 hr / 12 hr (in API too)
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