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Release v0.9.1

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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ EXTERNAL_PROTOCOL="srbminer"
# Version if provided
# Miner executable binary
Added algorithm 'blake3_alephium' (ALPH - Alephium coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 1.00%
Added algorithm 'xdag' (XDAG - Dagger coin) for CPU mining, fee 1.00%
Fixed broken 'yespower' algorithms (broke in previous 0.8.9 version)
Rewrote miner restarting mechanism on Windows
Removed algorithm 'rx2'
Bug fixes
Added algorithm 'dynamo' (DYNAMO - Dynamo coin) for CPU mining, fee 3.00% (~20x-24x (+2000%) faster than the available public miner)
Small performance increase on 'blake3_alephium' algorithm for CPU's with AVX2
Added '--gpu-auto-tune 3' mode (auto tuning goes through every algorithm, but tuning one at a time - not all simultaneously)
If creating DAG/Dataset but mining multiple algorithms, miner now pauses work on other algorithms while the DAG/Dataset is created
Possible fix for 'not connected to pool' bug that appeared in previous version (0.9.0)
Better auto setup values for eth/etc + alph 'dual' mining
Added a workaround for 'blake3_alephium' algorithm pools that send both set_difficulty and set target in job
Minor bug fixes
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