Verified Commit 8f3c406a authored by Dobromir Dobrev's avatar Dobromir Dobrev
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Release v0.20.5.1

parent 664ca14e
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ EXTERNAL_PROTOCOL="xmrstak"
# Version if provided
# Miner executable binary
enabled all algorithms for Navi
fixed lyra2 kernels for Navi
fixed logic of --split-job parameter(important fix for mtp-tcr)
Unfortunately fixed Lyra2 kernel lowered speed on Navi. Instead of 72MH/s now only 58MH/s on reference 5700XT. Also all other algorithms enabled "as is", hashrate won't be much and settle in the middle of RX590 and Vega56. Using just OpenCL compiler doesn't work well for Navi's.
one more fix to --split-job logic
added x17r algorithm for ufo-project
fixed mtp variants on RX gpu's
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